Welcome to the Students’ Page

This website has been designed with you, our students, in mind.  Please use this site as much as possible as you will find, over time, that it will become an invaluable resource.  Already on this site you are able to access the following information:

-Details of all our school clubs
-Information for all the subjects that you study
-Dates of all school exams from years 7 to 13
-Tips on how to succeed in your exams
-Details on the Student Voice – School Council….
-Useful links to websites to help with your studies

But this is just the start.  Please have a look at the site regularly as it will be updated on a daily basis.  Over time it will become a tool which shall help you enormously with your studies and also inform you about many aspects of school life.  We hope that you will enjoy using this website.

These are exciting times for the school and we are delighted that our building has been significantly improved