Timings & Attendance

The Service day for pupils is as follows:

Morning Registration8.45 – 9am
Period 19am to 9:50am
Period 29:50am to 10.40am
Break10.40am to 10.55am
Reading10:55am to 11:15am
Period 311.15am to 12.05pm
Period 412:05pm to 12:55pm
Lunch12:55pm to 13:40pm
Afternoon Registration13:40pm to 13.50pm
Period 513:50pm to 14.45pm

Off-site tuition

Off-site tutors may be used as part of the re-integration process, tutors are overseen by the relevant Assistant Head Teacher. Changes to number of hours of tuition provided can only be agreed with the Assistant Head Teacher as part of re-integration planning.

Please note, Kent Health Needs Service tutors are not permitted to provide tuition on a private basis to families where a child is on the role of the service.

Initial admission meeting are carried out to risk assess the off site premises before any off site tuition can occur.

With regard to off-site tuition in the home, we ask that:

  • Parents/guardians are present throughout the session
  • Parents/guardians do not smoke in the house whilst the tutor is present
  • Mobile pets are secured in another room
  • Tuition takes place in the main living area, unless previously agreed as part of the risk assessment.

Attendance and Punctuality

Bespoke programmes are designed to enable your child to access education. Any reduction in full time education will be agreed with the professionals involved in the care of your child. We would like to take the opportunity to highlight attendance as a critical factor in success. If you feel your child is too unwell to attend regularly please contact your hub worker to discuss arrangements. Please avoid unauthorised absences..

  • Regular attendance at service is vital to help students achieve and get the best possible start in life
  • Children who frequently miss service often fall behind
  • There is a strong link between good service attendance and achieving good results. 

Days off add up to lost learning

Holidays in Term Time

Families need to be aware of the government regulations regarding booking holidays during term time. As a general rule holidays in term time are unlikely to be authorised.   Unauthorised absence can lead to legal action and fixed penalty fines.


If your child is unwell and unable to come to service that day, we request that you contact the service by telephone between 8.30am and 9.00am. This will avoid unwanted communication from the service and allow us to authorise the absence where appropriate.

If a student is ill at service they will be cared for by a first aider. If there is no improvement we may ask a parent/carer to come and collect them.  In cases of serious illness or accident an ambulance will be called.

It is very important that we have an emergency contact number where a parent/carer, or a nominated relative, can be reached during service hours.

Please keep the service up to date with changes in contact details.

Please inform the Service immediately if you or a member of your family either have, or are in contact with, any childhood infectious diseases such as Chickenpox, Measles and Mumps.  We frequently have children here who have weak immune systems making them extremely vulnerable should they have contact with such illnesses.