Background & Context


The Health Needs PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) Service has been under review since October 2013, and there has been considerable consultation with professionals and parents about the development of a new service. A new policy and restructured Health Needs Education Service proposal, in line with DfE Statutory Guidance, was agreed by Kent County Council Cabinet on 13th October 2014. This policy and new service aims to meet the needs of Kent schools in all areas of the County, and provides a new delivery model and service structure. Its purpose is to provide:

  • an education support service to schools for young people with physical medical conditions; and,
  • an education outreach service for young people with mental health needs, located in five resourced bases and a specialist residential unit

The new county wide service will:

  • provide fair and equitable access to all schools
  • streamline the referral process to reduce the waiting time where young people are missing education
  • provide support and training for schools in how to support young people with medical and mental health issues
  • ensure continuity of education for the young person, whether this is by being supported in the home, school or by providing off site provision, one to one tuition or virtual learning experiences.

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