From 15th June KHNES resumed a limited offer in our hubs. As such we are accepting referrals for year groups that are attending schools:

Years R,1 and 6 from 1st June 2020, and Year 10 from 15th June. To access our most recently updated referral form please follow this link


Update on referrals from 19th June 2020 At KHNES we are committed to working  with mainstream settings to support pupils with health conditions. If you would like any advice we are happy to provide this, please also see our information pages for further guidance and recommendations for other support contacts and strategies. Referrals to KHNES should not be made if the reason for the referral only relates to pupils that are required to shield due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The purpose of our provision is to provide an alternative where pupils would not receive a suitable education in a mainstream school due to their health needs. Shielding does not constitute a health need in itself; as in normal circumstances the condition does not prevent the child from accessing their current provision. Schools therefore should continue to offer learning in an alternative format whether that be via remote access, online tuition etc. Shielding will affect many families across the county, but that should not exclude them from accessing a virtual offer already provided to other students. The advice around shielding continues to be changed and reviewed – Solutions therefore have to be sourced and focused locally. For any young people who may have been traumatised by the pandemic, or who are suffering from increased anxiety, additional mental health resources can be found on Kelsi and our information pages on the website. Referrals where appropriate should still be made to children’s and young peoples mental health services through the single point of access. Where these services are involved with ongoing therapeutic input a referral to KHNES could then be beneficial. If you are in any doubt please contact us. If there are other factors involved with regards to the individual that are specific to physical and or mental health then please contact our referrals manager in the first instance.


To submit a referral or contact the referral manager please use this link:

Information about Ongoing Education – Covid Update

Full details of the methods we are using to support education for all pupils, and particularly the education of the children of key workers, and the most vulnerable are detailed in the documents linked below:

Parent & Carer Letter – Hub Learning Plan

Parent & Carer Letter – Remote Learning Plan

Parent & Carer Letter – Online Tuition & Outreach

Letter for Schools Continuity of Education Plan

Welcome to the KHNES Website

Welcome to the Kent Health Needs Education Service website. Please feel free to use this website to find out all about our service, if you have any feedback please use the Contact Us page.

Guidance for Health Conditions

If you would like some Guidance on how to support students with health conditions click here.

Staying Safe Online Pupils


Staying Safe Online Pupils

Staying Safe Online Parents


Staying Safe Online Parents

 Welcome to KHNES

For those pupils too unwell to attend school, the key to successfully maintaining continuity of education is for the local authority and schools to have clear strategies and timely support available.

It is recognised nationally in Statutory Guidance that pupils who continue in education during their illness and recuperation are likely to recover more quickly with the minimum possible adverse effect on their educational and life outcomes.

The service was restructured during 2014-2015 and in September 2015 was launched as The Kent Health Needs Education Service (KHNES).

This service operates from 1 residential unit (Oakfields) and from 6 hubs. Advice and guidance is provided to services on working with pupils with mental health and physical health needs. Pupils are supported with their education in one of the specialist hubs either full or part time. These are short term placements, typically no more than 8- 12 weeks and are provided as part of a supported reintegration programme. 

The purpose and ethos of the Kent Health Needs Education Service can be summarised in one very simple statement:

Ensuring continuity of education, through inclusion and support.

The following also capture our purpose and ethos:

‘Every morning someone entrusts the most valuable thing in their life to us’

‘If it wouldn’t be good enough for our own children then it isn’t good enough’ 

‘Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do’